Bright Financial Planning is a niche advisory firm, delivering the highest level of comprehensive independent financial planning advice.

We deliver this to a relatively small number of clients, enabling us to provide a highly focused level of service and attention.

When we meet, you will have all the time you want to discuss your ambitions for the future. We know your finances are important to you, and because of that they’re important to us, too. So you’ll always receive the best service and advice at all times, without any exceptions.

We work best with the comfortably retired, entrepreneurs, business owners, family-owned businesses, partners and senior executives. We bring truth and vision to your wealth, developing a plan that helps you pursue a path to financial independence.

About our Founder

Michael Raymond, our firm’s principal, has been in the financial services industry since 1990. During that time he has worked in the advisory and intermediary sectors, and became an Independent Financial Advisor in 2001. Michael initially focused on North Devon, and subsequently moved to encompass Somerset and Dorset, as well. He has wonderful clients in all of these areas and is looking forward to welcoming more on board.

Michael set up Bright Financial Planning because he felt disillusioned with his industry, particularly its emphasis on product sales. Firms often have too many clients, promise the earth and deliver very little of what clients really want and need. That’s because they need to sell products or re-jig your investments to generate fees or commissions.

At Bright, we’re serious about being different to the financial advisors you have probably experienced to date. We intentionally operate in a forward-looking, innovative and adaptable way.

Why work this way?

We believe that financial clarity is born from our guidance, and that clarity will enrich our client’s lives. By giving permission to make that gift or gifts to family, for example. Or to purchase that item you’ve long desired, but never been quite convinced you could afford. With our support our clients can make the most of, and enjoy, the retirement they really want and deserve. They can live life without the fear of ever running out of money, no matter what happens.

Connecting our client’s money to their lives and enhancing their understanding of what they can achieve with it, is the reason Bright exists. It’s why we are passionate about everything we do.
Our business is built upon a simple foundation: a commitment to ‘Enhance and enrich our client’s lives.’

That’s the Bright way, and we look forward to working with you.