Do these sound like fair questions? We think so.

At Bright Financial Planning, answering these questions is the foundation of what we do. We ascertain the value of your savings, pensions and investments, forecasting what they’ll provide in the future. And most importantly, we establish whether it will be enough to see you through.

For most people, this question is addressed when they near retirement. And if the answer is that they do not have enough there are some tough choices to make – none of which is favourable.

We’re here to help

Our comprehensive Financial Planning & Wealth Management Service will help you plan your future so there are no surprises. You will know what you financial future will look like.

Even better, if you engage Bright Financial Planning you will have the opportunity to guide and improve your financial position towards the very best possible outcome: financial independence.

We provide proper, comprehensive financial planning. It’s not just about your money – it’s about your lifestyle. It’s about you, your family, and how you want your lives to be now, in the future, into retirement and beyond.

When did you last give yourself a proper amount of time to consider these things? When did you last really focus on them?

Our service provides a collaborative journey that gives you the time to address these issues. With our help, you can enjoy the lifestyle you want throughout your life, without any fear that you’ll run out of money. That’s what we mean by ‘financial independence’.

A relationship with Bright Financial Planning involves regular contact to review, adjust and change your plan as your life develops. As a client you will enjoy as many meetings as you wish, but we will have at least one annual forward-planning meeting.

We are Independent Financial Advisors, meaning we have the expertise to implement any financial vehicle (life assurance, pension, ISA, investment, and the like) necessary to support your financial plan. We don’t work on commission, and will only ever implement the best and most suitable option for you.

If we’re speaking your language, please call us for a chat. An initial, no-obligation, consultation is completely free of charge. We look forward to hearing from you.